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Air beds used to be a fast-track ticket to a sleepless night and sore back the following day.

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Click on any two adjacent sweets to swap them, and when you've created an adjacent group of 3 or more of the same type, the sweets will disappear and new set of sweets will fall from above.

Unlike the original game, in this mode you can swap candy diagonally as well as horizontally and vertically.

And for adults in the home environment, remember bigger usually means better – and that’s not just width, but height, with some now as tall as regular beds, with similar comfort levels.

Consider how fast and easy it is to inflate and deflate, as well as how robust it is – you don’t want one that works wonders for a few nights, then punctures, leaving your guests waking up on a cold, stone floor. Every air bed claims to be snug and relaxing, but many are anything but.


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