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“When I’m down here, he either stays pretty close to me,” said Davis, “or he’ll go in the trim room and just get on the bed.

He cleans up all the stuff off the floor, so he’s ready for a nap.” This is the second Sugar Bob to come into Davis’ life.

“We strongly believe that once we do the research to document secondhand marijuana exposure that we will see there is a negative effect on children.” Dr.

David Beuther, a pulmonologist and associate professor of medicine at National Jewish Health in Denver, agrees with Dr.

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However, Hinge’s business model was predicated on connections exclusively through shared Facebook friends, an important differentiator that helps mitigate the creepiness factor of online introductions. Users started to swipe left on the whole industry, as “81% of Hinge users never found a long-term relationship on any swiping app”; “only 1 in 500 swipes on Hinge turn into phone numbers exchanged”; and “4 of 5 Hinge users can’t recall the first name of their last right swipe [5].” Over-saturation of the market.

He has spent the past several months developing the program through segments on Fusion’s morning show, which now airs in primetime as “Fusion Live.” “Marijuana legalization is an issue that is taking on increasing relevance – politically, economically and culturally – and requires the kind of coverage that only someone with Ryan’s expertise can deliver,” Fusion CEO Isaac Lee said in a statement.

Karen Wilson, the Division Chief of General Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital, recently finished authoring a study showing that children absorb chemicals from secondhand marijuana smoke.

Combined with geo-tracking technology on our smartphones, the likelihood of a connection based on proximity also goes up [1]. Studies posit that this trend accounts for 18% of income inequality growth between 19 in the US [1]. “With a young, increasingly busy and mobile audience […] the market is big.

By obviating this nerve-wracking step of putting yourself out there, leveraging technology around smartphones and social media, and capitalizing on network effects, dating apps have gained tremendous traction since their advent in 2012. Already though, 5% of Americans who are married or in a committed relationship met online [2], and with more than 500 dating apps currently available on i Tunes, this proportion is projected to grow steadily in coming years. Dating apps are expected to log 8.8 million [in 2015], up from 2 million in 2014 [4].” Dating app Hinge took note of this opportunity.


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